About the author

Miguel Adrover Lausell is a High School Biology Educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Biology) from the University of Puerto Rico. He also has a – half finished – Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from the same institution. He describes himself as a “temporary grad-school dropout, with 1 year of graduate school” (Curriculum Design, Graduate School of Education Eugenio Ma. De Hostos). For further info–e.g: résumé, certifications, portfolio, etc.–please refer to the Contacts section at the end of the page.

Professional Experience [2007–2019]
12 years teaching the following grades and courses: Junior High (7th & 8th): Biological and Physical Sciences; High School (10th & 12th): Biology, Environmental Sciences, and AP Biology. Adrover taught these subjects at various and diverse settings: private, public, charter schools; San Juan, Puerto Rico and Long Island, New York (East Hampton and Brooklyn).
Paraprofessional experience
One-to-one aide support for special needs students and English Language Learners at East Hampton, New York, 2018-2019.


e-Mail: cicutaepisteme@gmail.com
Twitter: @adrover
About Me: Miguel Adrover Lausell
Medium: @adroverlausell
Instagram: @oniricvonnegut
Facebook: Miguel C. Adrover
Weebly (portfolio): Miguel Adrover 
LinkedIn: madroverlausell
Private Tutor: Miguel Adrover

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