The Voyagers (Penny Lane, 2010) — Science Club Blog Post I.

The Sounds of Earth

The Sounds of Earth.

“The Most Distant, Man Made Objects in Space”

“In the summer of 1977, NASA sent Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 on an epic journey into interstellar space. The spacecraft were only expected to last two years, and yet, they may one day be all that remains of humanity. Each of the Voyager probes carries a golden record, a compilation of images and sounds meant to represent our planet to any distant civilizations that should encounter them. “The launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life on this planet,” said Carl Sagan, the golden record’s co-creator. Sagan met and fell madly in love with his future wife Annie Druyan while working on the golden record. The project became their love letter to humankind and to each other. This film is likewise a love letter, to Sagan and Druyan, and to the transcendence and heartache of the space age. And also to love itself, which always requires risky voyaging of one kind or another.

Director’s Biography:

Penny Lane has been making award-winning documentaries and essay films since 2002. Her first feature documentary, Our Nixon, world premiered at Rotterdam, had its North American premiere at SXSW, and was selected as the Closing Night Film at New Directors/New Films. Her short films have screened at Rotterdam, AFI FEST, Hot Docs, Full Frame, Rooftop Films, MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight and many other venues. She was named ‘Most Badass!’ at the Iowa City Documentary Film Festival in 2009. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Colgate University and yes, Penny Lane is her real name.”–Penny Lane (Via Aeon Film).


4 thoughts on “The Voyagers (Penny Lane, 2010) — Science Club Blog Post I.

  1. wow! What a great video. I didn’t know about the records. I especially liked how the speaker in the video says that the records were made with only the good things about us, that it doesn’t speak of war or starvation. I completely agree with her and Carl Sagan. When you make a new friend you never tell them all the bad things about you, you want them to like you so you show them the good things. If learning and friendship really are our goals for space exploration as the president of the united nations said, we should be able move on from all of our horrible deeds and focus on the good ones. I don’t mean that we should just forget the bad things,we should learn from them and try to make a better tomorrow. In my opinion, in a billion years when we are all gone should somebody find those records they will at least be able to say that we tried to leave an impression in the universe. We want to be remembered because of our good deeds and our achievements. I really enjoyed the video and learning about the golden records. I am very interested in space. here is a link for some deep space messages. I don’t really know if they actually are from aliens but I found it curious, wouldn’t it be funny if there was somebody from somewhere far away sending messages like the golden record and the pioneer plaque hoping to find somebody like us?


  2. I believe we are not alone and hopefully these records will reach distant life someday. I’m deeply curious about this subject because I find it mysterious, marveling, and a bit frightening. The records were sent with the purpose of letting distant/undiscovered life know that life on Earth is present and experience all the good things in our planet like all beautiful and complex aspects of our environment . Like Victoria said in the previous comment, the records are biased on the good things that are found on Earth and have the intention to give a good impression of us and our planet. The records can be thought of as a possibility that maybe tomorrow or in the next billion years something or someone else in our universe will know about us or we will finally know if we are truly alone in this vast amount of space.


  3. What an amazing short film! I am also very attracted by the idea that we are not alone in this universe, and hopefully the records will help us make the discovery that there is life in other planets not only on earth. Very interesting video.


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