Blood Typing — The Game


Skin wound: colored platelets, fibrin mesh (clotting), leukocites & erithrocites

Yesterday we talked about multiple alleles, an update to Mendel’s Laws. Classical genetics can explain inheritance patterns of blood types. We’ve come a long way. Blood transfusions are as common as insulin pumps — these biomedical breakthroughs resulted in multiple Nobel Prizes:
Before Nobel Prize awarded Karl Landsteiner discovered the ABO human blood groups in 1901, it was thought that all blood was the same. This misunderstanding led to fatal blood transfusions. Later, in 1940, Landsteiner was part of discovering another blood group, the Rh blood group system. There are many blood group systems known today, but the ABO and the Rh blood groups are the most important ones used for blood transfusions. The designation Rh is derived from the Rhesus monkey in which the existence of the Rh blood group was discovered.
To find out more about the behavior of human blood phenotypes, click on this link to play & learn…
Homework for Monday, Jan 23, 2017:
Read the tutorials before playing the game. All of them: What is a blood type?; How do you determine a patient’s blood type?; How do you perform safe blood transfusions; and About the game. Bring laptops and/or devices to class. We will play the game with specific instructions. This activity will be part of your Lab grade for Sem. II, 2016-2017. 

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