Lagging Strands and Okazaki Fragments

Boghog, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

twisting trysts of nucleic garlands,
saccharine beats & keys, 
messages for foldings & unfoldings.

enzymes & promises made of Time & randomness, 
one billion Alexandrine libraries in a nucleus,
overcoming Entropy with every luciferase;

memories of triumphs & extant rhythms, 
menacing knots lurking, jonesing the unraveling, 
memories of failures & extinct experiments;

fragments forever propelling proteic,
text writing itself, remixing surviving iterations,
ushering the sickness of the Nation…

please, o, please - con los santos no se juega*,
pump the breaks on Doudna’s palindromes;
use them wisely, calm the cytokine storms.

*do not trifle (juega) with the unknown (santos).

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