Welcome to a New School Year (2013-2014)

Urs Schmidt

Urs Schmidt

Welcome to a new school year.

This is the first blog post of many. AP Bio students, as well as my High School Bio class, will make use of this blog during the whole school year. I began working with this blog last January–with very good results. Students like yourselves were exposed to many events, articles, web pages, videos, images, etc., that show Biology in a contemporary light: Biology as part of an everchanging world. These changes are spurred by scientific and technical advances that gave rise to the Internet. And the basic unit of the Internet–like a neuron in a brain–is the hyperlink.

The name of the blog is The Hypertextual Lounge. That means that hyperlinks and their contents are important. There is general information about the blog in the upper right part of the first page; but if you wish to know a bit more about what was achieved with the blog, or about what to expect from it, you can visit the blog Puerto Rico Indiein this link–so that you can get a better idea of this space.

Expect new blog posts weekly. This means that you have to keep up with the new content that will be uploaded to the blog. More details regarding grading rubrics, instructions, etc., will be explained in the classroom, and uploaded to the Edline page of the course.

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